Hanse Environmental Award 2003

The Hanse Environmental Award, called for the ninth time, went to the Foundation Nature Conservancy Hamburg and the Foundation for the Conservation of Endangered Plants. With success they looked after the nature reserve “Boberger Niederung”. Dagmar Berghoff handed over together with NABU and the company Globetrotter a bronze statue and a cheque about 2,500 euros.

The second prize got the GSM e.V. The certificate and a cheque about 1,000 euros were presented to our president Petra Deimer by Rolf Bonkwald (NABU Hamburg) and Klaus Denart (Globetrotter).

Dagmar Berghoff explained the jury’s choice: Petra Deimer founded the society 25 years ago and since then she has fought internationally for the conservation of whales, dolphins, seals and other marine mammals. As an example she mentioned the typical diplomatic female way of tackling, which finally lead to the ban of whaling around Madeira and to the foundation of a whale museum instead.

Petra Deimer: In future I wish a closer co-operation with NABU.

The prize will be used for the expansion of the sighting-campaign of the highly endangered harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea.

November 2003

see also “Golden Ark for the Marine Biologist, Petra Deimer”